Our Telecommunications Practice counsels clients on organizational, operational, and strategic challenges.

We serve clients on fundamental issues such as mission and structure, tactical issues including procurement and logistics, and financial decisions about capital investment and cost reduction.


New Entrants/Startups/Attackers

In addition to serving incumbents, we support new market entrants with their launch of service offerings and value-creation opportunities.


Wireless (Virtual) Service Providers

Wireless technology is revolutionizing telecommunications around the world. We assist virtual mobile operators in developing their long-term strategies for expansion and m-commerce opportunities.


Software and Services

Network and systems management, billing and operations software, and portal and content management are just some of the services and software contributing to the telecommunications industry growth. The practice provides clients with ongoing analysis of evolving developments in both sectors.



Technologies like hands-free, WAP, and GSM-equipped handsets have revolutionized wireless telecommunications. We help companies analyze the potential impact of developing technologies like IP and craft proactive strategies for next-generation equipment.


New Ventures

We identify high-potential new investments for clients and help execute and launch targeted opportunities.


Integrated Wireline Carriers

Our wireline expertise supports telecommunications service providers and manufacturers, as well as investors, governments, agencies, and regulatory bodies.